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Are you looking for the perfect fit for your cowboy boots? Tres Outlaws Boot Co. offers foot molds for your custom boots! Either find a style you like on the website or build your luxury custom boots! Make your cowboy boots as unique as you! One of a kind cowboy boots just for you! All of our boots are made with highest quality leathers and are always handmade in USA!
Step 1. Here we have the foot mold in the return box. Remember to save the box and return the completed mold to us. You must keep the integrity of the footmold box. Do not wrap or tape the box directly. You must ship it back to us in the box provided.

Step 2. After you have opened your mold, you will see the two chambers for your foot impressions.
Step 3. We have included a depiction of the method for impression taking.
Step 4. Let's start! After removing your socks, center your foot over one of the chambers.
Step 5. Slowly push your foot down into the foam. Push down all the way and remember to get those toes of your down too.
Step 6. When lifting your foot out of the mold, be sure to lift straight up. This is important to get your heel right.
Step 7. There you have it! Repeat with the next foot.
Step 8. Now it's time to fill out the questionnaire on the front of the footmold box. Please complete the questionnaire. LEAVE NO BLANKS. All of the information is confidential. Please call us with any questions.